StrongSalt is the new paradigm for digital privacy. The StrongVault app is available now, a free mobile app that ensures privacy for file sharing and messaging, giving you an early look into the platform and future API.

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End-to-end privacy for data sharing & messaging

To protect your privacy and defend against theft, fraud and abuse, your data must be encrypted when it’s shared and stored. StrongSalt, an encryption platform, invisibly protects your privacy while promoting data sharing and exchange with its decentralized blockchain ledger.

Save and access your confidential data anytime and anywhere using StrongSalt’s groundbreaking decentralized searchable encryption technology.
Search and analyze your encrypted data quickly and securely using StrongSalt's patented advances in searchable encryption and decentralization.
Share and unshare your data at ease with StrongSalt’s blockchain technology designed specifically for low latency data platform.

Privacy-Protected Sharing Made Easy with StrongVault

See how the StrongVault’s patented app makes encrypted searching and sharing easy.

Everything is Encrypted and Searchable
With patented decentralized searchable encryption all information related to your data is encrypted, yet still searchable online and offline without decrypting it first.
Immutable Audit Trail with Blockchain
Keep track of everything that happens to your data with a trackable trail of all related events.
Your Identity is Safe – Even from Us
Your personal information is never shared or at risk of being leaked to anyone, anywhere. We know nothing about your data, preserving your privacy and anonymity.
Sharing Encrypted Data has Never Been Easier
Decentralized sharing protocol makes the impossible possible. Share and unshare with the confidence your data is safe.

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Privacy as a Service App Platform

Stop sacrificing security for usability. With the StrongSalt API platform individual and enterprise developers can achieve privacy in their current and future application development without compromising usability. Use the StrongSalt API to modify, encrypt, search, and process private data as if it was unencrypted.

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Companies Making Privacy a Priority

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Learn how our Decentralized Encrypted Search and Storage Protocol not only preserves privacy and protects data in the world of AI and smart devices, but also enables new business models for sharing and auditing data.