Your data is safe and private from everyone and everything, including A.I.

StrongSalt, the Privacy Platform for your information on a decentralized network, makes cloud as private as your thumb-drive and on-premise as secure as your vault.

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Privacy matters

StrongSalt's searchable encryption not only protect your privacy but also enable sharing and data marketplace. StrongSalt’s decentralized blockchain ledger keeps your information and network secure by monitoring and auditing all data access at all times.


Save and access your confidential data anytime and anywhere using StrongSalt’s groundbreaking decentralized searchable encryption technology.


Search and analyze your encrypted data quickly and securely using StrongSalt's patented advances in searchable encryption and decentralization.


Share and unshare your data at ease with StrongSalt’s blockchain technology designed specifically for low latency data platform.

How we keep your data secure

We only use modern and widespread cryptographic algorithms. As mathematics, quantum computers, and hardwares advance, our cryptographic modules stay updated to reflect the latest best practice for strong security.


Encrypted search and searchable encryption allow you to encrypt all your files and provides you the ability to search the content without decrypting it first.


StrongSalt’s decentralized encrypted search, storage, and sharing protocol enhances privacy and security while making the impossible possible.


Blockchain protects your data with an immutable audit trail and decentralization prevents the network from being shut down by the whim of any one company or government.


The latest advances in cryptography, decentralization, and private information retrieval preserve your privacy and anonymity.

Our Mission

Preserve privacy

We believe that everyone is born with certain unalienable rights, including the right of privacy.

Promote net neutrality

We proudly support net neutrality and consider it to be essential for the freedom of speech.

Enhance usability

Technology should disappear so that security can be enhanced by default without making life difficult.

Growing community

We envision a future where even small communities can grow without fear of losing privacy.

Our Whitepaper

We are excited to share with you the StrongSalt Whitepaper. This whitepaper introduces you to the Decentralized Encrypted Search and Storage Protocol not only to preserve privacy and protect data in the world of AI and smart devices but also to enable new business models for sharing and auditing data.

View StrongSalt Whitepaper

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Join the network

StrongSalt Protocol builds an ever growing decentralized network of volunteers.

Earn strongsalt token

Helping out the network by volunteering bandwidth, storage capacity and computing resources.

Exchange for security

StrongSalt tokens can be used for a number of network services provided by other nodes and the network itself.

Protect your privacy

We help you protect your data privacy by preventing any cloud systems from parsing or accessing your data.

Our Team

  • Ed Yu

    Founder and CEO

    Ed Yu was the founding engineer of FireEye and has also worked as VP and Director of Engineering in various enterprise and software companies. He has worked both in startups and large corporations such as Oracle, Sun, SGI, and McAfee.

    Ed graduated from the California Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

    Ed loves cryptography and has patents on encrypted search include areas on unique searchable encryption with arbitrary index construction, zero-trust encrypted storage, and encrypted indices sharing.

    Ed loves scuba diving, skydiving, and tai chi but with his current busy life, he spends more time annoying his coworkers with uncommented Haskell code.

  • Tess Hau


    Tess Hau, Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist, Blockchain Leader, and Founder of Tess Ventures launched and sold her first venture in college, and has never looked back! Today, she is a venture capital investor, entrepreneur, and blockchain and cryptocurrency leader, and international "mentor capitalist," advising and connecting innovators in Silicon Valley with investors and collaborators globally.

    In her scarce spare time, Tess is often seen racing her cars on a race track near you.

  • Paul Sri


    Paul is a technologist and geek at heart who has been in the internet space for the past 20 years with companies like Overture, Yahoo!, Yellowpages, Chegg, and ZestFinance. Currently CTO at Mucker Capital in Santa Monica, he's focused on building a predictive analytics investment platform.

    In his spare time Paul enjoys tinkering with home automation and gpu mining rigs, until the next nerdy thing comes along.

  • Becky Yu

    Software Engineer

    Becky is an industry veteran specializing in distributed database technologies even though she is well-versed in full-stack development.

    Becky graduated from Carleton University with a Masters Degree in Computer Science.

    Becky was a key member of the original engineering team in On­Site Manager Inc., which was successfully acquired in September, 2017. She loves cooking, travel, kids and animals.

  • Kathy Lam

    Software Engineer

    Kathy has a bachelor’s degree in Electrical Computer Engineering from the University of California Santa Barbara.

    She has been programming in various languages including C++, Java, Ruby and Perl throughout her career.

    Kathy has a sweet tooth and enjoys outdoor activities.

  • Zachary Milne

    Software Engineer

    Zach has worked on applications that range from geographic technologies to data analytics for job compensation. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Economics from the University of Maryland and is a self taught programmer.

    Zach has always had a strong initiative to learn new things. He grew up a tinkerer of electronics, and in high school built an electric pickup truck and an ATV powered golf cart.

    When he's not working, he enjoys the beach with his wife and two kids, playing basketball and working on side projects.

  • Tony Scott


    Tony Scott was the third Chief Information Officer of the United States, appointed by President Obama on February 5th, 2015.

    Prior to his position in the White House, Mr. Scott led the global information technology group at VMware Inc., a position he had held since 2013. Prior to joining VMware Inc., Mr. Scott served as Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Microsoft from 2008 to 2013. Previously, he was the CIO at The Walt Disney Company from 2005 to 2008. From 1999 to 2005, Mr. Scott served as the Chief Technology Officer of Information Systems & Services at General Motors Corporation.

  • Dan Boneh

    Chief Security Advisor

    Dan is a Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Stanford University. He is also the Co-Director of the Stanford Computer Security Lab. Dan's main research focus is applied cryptography and computer security.

  • Matthew Green

    Security Advisor

    Matt is an Assistant Professor at the Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute. Matt's research includes techniques for privacy-enhanced information storage, anonymous payment systems, and bilinear map-based cryptography.

  • Mike Wiemer


    In 2007, Mike co-founded Solar Junction and led the teams to two world records in Solar Cell efficiency (43.5% and 44%) and then sold the company in 2014. Mike is now the EVP of Engineering at Mojo Vision. Mike also advises early stage companies on their strategies.

  • John Reese

    Technical Advisor

    John is known as jtr at Google where he works as the Principal Site Reliability Engineer L8. John is responsbility for the world-wide Google SRE and maks sure things continue to run no matter what. In other words, John is intimately knowledgeable about extreme scalability and reliability in large scale production systems. In his spare time, he flies first class to Asia to eat weird spicy food.

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