Introducing the First Privacy API

Build data protection into any application or workflow, allowing both security and usability to co-exist in a privacy-focused world.

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Encryption as a Service

Data privacy should be a part of the development fabric, not an afterthought for compliance. StrongSalt’s Open Privacy API makes it easy to store, search, and share encrypted data, making access seamless and frictionless for all users while eliminating any risk of exposure.


With patented decentralized searchable encryption, your data is searchable online and offline without decrypting it first.
Keep track of everything that happens to your data with a trackable audit trail of all related events.
Your organization's information is never shared or at risk of exposure to anyone, anywhere preserving both business and consumer privacy.
Decentralized sharing protocol makes the impossible, possible. Institutions and individuals finally have the ability to share and control sharing of encrypted data.

Making Privacy Easy for the Enterprise

StrongSalt takes the stress off sensitive data management and gives enterprises the lifeline to stay compliant, profitable and safe.

Focus on development without worrying about security

Developers can achieve privacy in their current and future application development without compromising usability. StrongSalt API’s are blockchain-agnostic and can integrate to any permissioned and permissionless model while making the access seamless and frictionless for all users.

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Confidently comply to privacy regulations

The regulatory environment is ramping up privacy enforcement and your business can’t afford hefty fines or consumer mistrust. No matter the rule, law, or regulation, StrongSalt empowers you to store, search, and share private data compliantly, in one place without worry of it getting traded, bought, or stolen.

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Plug privacy into any app, any time.

Invisibly protect confidential data on any business-critical app that you use today. Modern enterprise stacks are cloud-native and built on web apps that need endless monitoring solutions. With the StrongSalt API, you can strengthen your privacy posture with a single API connection that will make your data sharing and exchange unbreachable.

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Companies Making Privacy a Priority

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Learn how our Decentralized Encrypted Search and Storage Protocol not only preserves privacy and protects data in the world of AI and smart devices, but also enables new business models for sharing and auditing data.